Name: Josh Herman
NickName: Leader, Speedo, Mother Goose
Favorite Run: Yickety Split Banana Peel 7 mile
Bucket Race: Paint Bucket Shermin Williams Challenge
Why I Run: If I didn't run I'd be 400 lbs. Better believe it.

Name: Ramsey Baker
NickName: CoCaptain My Captain
Favorite Run: Tacos and Hotdogs 10 mile
Bucket Race: Baby Got Back Beach Boogie Blast 8k
Why I Run: Got nothing else to do, So much free time I guess I got to do something

Name: Yemi Mobolade
NickName: Preacher Man of the Goose
Favorite Run: You Betcha 100 mile run - Fargo ND
Bucket Race: The Speak To me Goose - Speakeasy 1000
Why I Run: Lets just say business has been very very good to me

Name: Katie Benzel
NickName: SchwingBenzel
Favorite Run: Whoopie Cushion Race for the Cure
Bucket Race: 5 gallon Home Depot
Why I Run: Hell if I know. One day I just started running, and here I am

Name: Kelly Kaim
NickName: Huhot
Favorite Run: Sunkist Orange Bowl Extravaganza Run
Bucket Race: Whatevs yo!
Why I Run: I need to do something when i'm not biking, basket weaving, playing soccer, hockey, swimming, or free diving

Name: David Outlaw
NickName: The Outlaw
Favorite Run: Cadets are weaker than old men 100 mile sissy fight
Bucket Race: Death March in March 10k
Why I Run: Make sure I still got it. Oh, and you better believe I still got it

Name: Hope Bain
NickName: Flatlander
Favorite Run: Baby Buttons 16 mile loopdy loop
Bucket Race: Saddle Up Buckaroo 20 mile Bonanza
Why I Run: To Showoff how fast I am

Name: Brian Bain
NickName: Doc
Favorite Run: Couch to Couch 10 Miler
Bucket Race: Maybe I won't get lost today 5k
Why I Run: I hear voices

Name: Molly Mazel
NickName: Wildcard - The Single Track Killer
Favorite Run: Animals are my life and they deserve land too 100 miler in all directions
Bucket Race: In my day, we might do an occasional race in a potato sack. Not a bucket. You see, the bucket is much more rigid and unforgiving if you fall. I'd recommend you look into the sack race instead
Why I Run: To catch up to the group when I show up late

Name: James Bishop
NickName: The Bishop and sometimes Fat Bishop
Favorite Run: Taco Bell Run for the Border 20 miler
Bucket Race: Swashbuckler 150 miler
Why I Run: Why the hell not

Name: Aaron Pieffer
NickName: The Man with the Golden Hands
Favorite Run: Derby Day Quarter Mile
Bucket Race: Chum Bucket
Why I Run: See I live out in the forest with kids and stuff, and sometimes a man has to be a man

Name: Tim Gore
NickName: Sheepdog
Favorite Run: Fat Bottom Girls Rockin World 10k
Bucket Race: Lord of the Rings 200 Miler - Middle Earth New Zealand
Why I Run: Because I'm not really good at anything else

Name: Alicia Pino
NickName: PINOOOOO!!!!!
Favorite Run: Boston Creame Pie Day March 14th
Bucket Race: I like Turtles
Why I Run: I run becawus Elevelan said I should.

Name: Jamie Lugo
NickName: Married to the guy that can catch anything in his mouth
Favorite Run: Turkeys are our friends 5k gobble gobble!
Bucket Race: Soup to Nuts 10k
Why I Run: To maintain a healthy lifestyle so I can grow old and happy many years down the road

Name: Wendy Kimmel
NickName: Faster than the rest of us.
Favorite Run: Grainy Sand Beach to Water 10 meter run
Bucket Race: Buckets of fun for everyone
Why I Run: Doesn't matter now does it. I do it and I do alot of it and I do it faster than you. Step back!

Name: Juli Williams
NickName: Hurt most of the time
Favorite Run: 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall 99 miler
Bucket Race: Wallaby Jones 10 mile 17k
Why I Run: Because its fun and it makes me drive places. I'm scared!

Name: Cheryl Doughty
NickName: I haven't run with the group all winter!
Favorite Run: Working from Home Imaginary 5k 5k
Bucket Race: Double Scoop 2k
Why I Run: Rabbies wasn't cured in a day was it

Name: Barry Kuck
NickName: BarryCoup
Favorite Run: Anything cold where I don't need to wear gloves
Bucket Race: Buckets to Baskets 10k Easter Run
Why I Run: Stay sexy for the ladies of course

Name: Phill Tencick
Favorite Run: Bladder Dash 5 miler for Victims of Near Potty Disasters
Bucket Race: Lovers Not Fighters 20 mile battle royale
Why I Run: I like to show other people how fast I am

NickName: pinzel
Favorite Run: Holding Hands Half Mile
Bucket Race:
Why I Run:

Name: Josh and Ramsey
Favorite Run: Hey There Hunny Come here often?
Bucket Race:
Why I Run:

Name: Tim Aaron and Yemi
Favorite Run: Wookies West 10 Mile Run
Bucket Race:
Why I Run:

To the friends that either can't run with us anymore because of injury, darkness, job changes, or 6 miles is only a warmup (Julian): We miss you.