What is the group all about?

The “Attack Pack” running group meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6am for an hour run. We always get back at 7 and understand that people got to get to work. In early April we become the 50/50 Middle of the Pack group for the Garden of the Gods training runs. After the GOG race, the group continues every Tuesday and Thursday morning (Rain\Snow or Shine) at 6am at various parks/locations, which are rotated on a 4 week (most of the time) basis and communicated via email. The groups pace is around 8 - 10 minute miles and everyone is welcome to join.

What are the groups rules for runs?

1. Never leave anyone behind: Even though most of the group knows where we are going, someone might not.
2. Explore: Its fun to run new trails with a whole pack of people. If you don't care where you are, are you really lost?
3. Enjoy the company of others. Some may be rude and crude others not so much, but we all are special snowflakes and bring something to offer.
4. Showboat during races: Showing off for a camera is much better than trying to look cool. No one looks cool while running. Katie has progressed to level Master. Congrats Katie.
5. Leave religion and politics and drama in the car.

What is the groups history?

The Attack Pack was formed on June 10, 2009. Several people from the Garden of the Gods training runs got to know each other well when running as a group for the 2009 Garden of the Gods training run season. Matt and Rebecca proposed the idea of keeping those runs going. Ramsey Baker and Josh Herman loved the idea and Josh began to organize the group. It quickly snowballed into a great group of like minded people that encourage, motivate, and harass each other.

Where did Attack Pack name come from?

Ramsey Baker always talked about which sections of the Garden of the Gods 10 miler course he was going to ATTACK, the rest of us kinda found it funny how into the race plan he was. So when we ran certain sections of the course we began talking about "Is this the section that you attack?" Towards the close of the 2009 training runs we were a much smaller group, so we found ourselves running as a very close group or "Pack". It wouldn't be uncommon to be right on the persons heels in front of you with someone on your heels. So when the time came to name our group, we found it only fitting to be named the ATTACK PACK. The group can be called the "Attack Pack" or Attack Pack Running Group or as our logo indicates Attack Pack Running. We have shirts to show how awesome we are and how much of a pack we are.

Can I get a shirt?

Not likely. Unless you're from overseas and you visit with us, you aren't getting a shirt until we deem you one of us. What does that take? For everyone its different, but you'll know when it happens. Its like finding the perfect house or the one true love. You'll know when you're part of the group, and by then you won't need to ask Can I get a shirt? Family members and other supporting cast members of our group have one. We gave one to SHAFAAAIIIII!!!!

How is the groups cohesiveness?

The group is like a family, but we keep the family drama stuff in our cars when we run. We all get along, have a good time, tease each other, but also offer tons of encouragement. Group members find themselves outside of running with new friendships too. And although group members may leave us for a while, when they return its like they've never left. New people are welcomed in with open arms and encouraged to join us regularly. Keep up, keep your tongue sharp, and you'll fit right in.

What is showboating?

Showboating was born out of an uncomfortable relationship with camera people during races. I (josh) always felt weird when it was just me and the camera man. I've always been in the middle of the pack where is spaced out enough that a lot of the time I'll be alone without a pack to protect me. I never knew to look at them, or look away, or just try to look cool. (Yea Right) So I decided to start showing off or "showboating" for the camera. It became a game to come up with new moves every run, and trying to time certain moves so the camera could catch them. It quickly was adopted by the pack and themes were used at some of the Fall Series Races
Rules of Showboating
1. Your moves should never slow you down, or you should never slow down to pull off a move. Continue at race pace.
2. Don't repeat a certain move. No one wants to see the same tired old jazz hands every race.
3. Hold the move until you are sure the camera person got you. Aerial moves may be tougher to capture. Rinse and Repeat is possible.
4. Look up your picture after and share it with friends. Nothing better than showing off your showoff move.
5. Encourage others to showboat too.

Who is your leader?

Our leader is Josh Herman. He takes care of the website, the calendar, the map, the runs, some of the delegation of the shirt ordering and some other things. He is also the man in the speedo from the Fall Series 2014, something of a local legend and general jack ass. He lives out east and makes the pilgrimge weekly to make sure no one is left alone on a run.

What happens if no one shows up!

You fn figure it out. You were already planning on running, get your your car and go somewhere, explore, enjoy nature, be one with mother earth. This doesn't happen that often but some of the winter months can get kinda dicey with people showing up. I (josh) have been to a few where I was the only one. I choose to skip Stratton because that shit is scary by yourself in the dark with 5 inches of snow so you can't see any of the rocks.