Season Ending Feed Bag - End of March

Our season ends with the last Thursday before the Garden of the Gods 10 mile training runs start. Its a great day to reflect on a season together and look forward to meeting new people in the Garden. Shorter run followed by food.


Midnight Falcon

Midnight Pony / Falcon - July/Aug

A small group runs Rampart Range Reservoir starting at 9 pm and usually finishing around 2am. We meet in Old Colorado city, pile into a car and carpool up through Woodland Park. Its a different vibe than the morning runs, because everyone is awake for once. Eating a light dinner is recommended unless you like the feeling of having to go number 2 for several miles. 2012 we moved the location to the Air Force Academy and ran the falcon trail because of the burn damage to Rampart Range Reservoir. 2013 we moved back to Rampart Range to honor tradition. In 2014 we returned to Falcon trail to mix it up and had 20 people attend. In 2015 we will return to Rampart once again and continue the back and forth new tradition.


Fall BBQ - Sept/Oct

Fall is a great time to get together and celebrate all the great races past and present. We get together, cook some food and drink some beer. Families and friends are always welcome. A slide show at the end is a fun little treat.


Holiday Toy Donation Fun Run - Dec

In December 2011 a Donation fun run was put on by the good folks of Attack Pack Running. 30+ toys were collected in support of Toys for Tots. We met some new friends and enjoyed some good food. Weather was specatular and the addition of heat all the more better. The run was a great success, but the format for 2012 will change to an adventure race with teams, handicaps, and puzzles.

Thanksgiving Day Morning Run

Waldo Canyon loop in the morning before slamming down some turkey and watching some football.